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Brian Roberts, Owner/Broker/Managing Member

Brian began his career as an independent financial advisor in Madison, WI. He built a successful practice serving over 3,000 clients in five states. In 2004, after 13 years of providing insurance and investments for his clients, Brian sold his practice to spend more time with his family, and to pursue investing in commercial real estate.

Since 2004, Brian has owned and managed 33 commercial properties, and has helped numerous others invest in real estate as well. More than 90% of those property purchases have been profitable ventures, having earned his investors an annual average return of more than 20%.

Brian has also assisted many small business owners with acquiring buildings to house their own businesses, as well as helping other businesses lease commercial space.

Brian is a Wisconsin licensed real estate broker, frequently leading and managing real estate investment partnerships.

Let Brian help you with your commercial real estate needs. Whether you want to find investment properties, buy a building for your business, or need help leasing space, Brian can provide the expertise you need to make smart decisions.



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